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Made To Measure

Why should you get a ballroom or latin dance dress from Dance Vogue Designs?

“In Addition To Making You Look Gorgeous, Hugging Your Body Comfortably And Setting Off Your Movement, Our Ballroom And Latin Dresses Will Give You The Confidence To Dance Well.”

Dance Vogue Designs makes “custom made” garments, each garment is constructed to fit each customer individually. The garments are made entirely from scratch based on a customer’s specifications.

Presentation counts in dancing. It’s a fact. And, in competition it can mean the difference between winning and losing. Now, the biggest factor contributing to your presentation is your dress. Whether it’s a ballroom or latin dress, it stands out above your hair, your tan and your make up. It’s your dress that makes the biggest impression.

So where can you find a ballroom or latin dress that will make you look gorgeous and give you a winning edge? You won’t find one in a discount dress store. The dresses we are talking about aren’t mass produced.

The dresses that stand out are hand-made, and customized, to fit an individual’s exact measurements, taste and style. It’s these unique, one of a kind, dresses that attract the most attention and keep the audience enchanted.

If you’ve never felt the joy of wearing a dress that has been personalised to your individual look, and fashion preferences, then maybe it’s time to try. We guarantee, you will be delighted with how you look, not to mention flattered by all the compliments you will receive.

When Natalie’s dancing, her dress’s look is her number one concern. However, just as important, is how it fits and how it moves. You need a dress that not only looks fabulous, but flows to enhance your movement, and is comfortable and secure to wear.

Now that’s a tall order for any normal dress maker. So why should you trust us to deliver on a dress’s look, movement, comfort and fit?

Firstly, Nataie is a dancer. She has been dancing for over 20 years, both Latin and ballroom.

Secondly, Natalie has been making her own ballroom and latin dresses for the last 10 years of her competitive dancing life. She know’s exactly how her dresses perform on the dance floor and I can tell you (as her clients keep telling her) they pass with flying colours.

We promise you, in addition to making you look gorgeous, hugging your body comfortably and setting off your movement, our dresses will give you the confidence to dance well.

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Below are some clients that got a custom made dress from Dance Vogue Designs.

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