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Three Easy Hair Styles for Ballroom & Latin

  1. Slick with low bun at center back or side of head
  2. Slick with high bun
  3. Quiff with low bun, high bun or short hair  


Things you will need

  1. Hair Dryer
  2. Bristle teasing brush
  3. Tail comb
  4. Hair Pins & Bobby Pins
  5. Strong hair elastic
  6. Hair net or Bun net
  7. Gel-Medium hold
  8. Hair Spray-Extra strong Hold


How to slick hair into a low or high ponytail

  1. Make sure your hair is knot free.
  2. Put a medium hold wet gel all over the top the sides and the underneath of your hair , start combing back into a tight ponytail, don’t put gel in the ponytail hair. Use a bristle teasing brush to get rid of all the bumps. Lightly spray with super hold hairspray and brush again to get it really sleek.
  3. Once you have a tight slick ponytail with no bumps, spray the hair again.


How to put your hair in a bun

  1. Once your hair is in the ponytail, take a 1-2cm section from the bottom and tease about three times. Keep going until all your hair is teased.
  2. Use a big hair net that matches your hair colour and put around the tease hair, use a few hair pins to hold the net in place.
  3. Adjust your bun to get the desired shape pin the bun with as many pins as you desire. Make sure to shake your head to check if it’s too loose.
  4. Now spray with hairspray


How to put your hair in a bun without teasing, best for long or  thick hair

  1. Twist your ponytail hair like twisting a wet towel. Make sure it’s nice and tight and keep hold of the end
  2. Wrap it clockwise around the hair band
  3. Use about 2 pins to hold the end in place
  4. Wrap the hair net around bun and pin as many pins as you desire. Make sure to shake your head to check if it’s too loose
  5. Spray with hairspray


How to do a Quiff

  1. Take out a triangle section of your hair, from the crown to the ends of both eyebrows
  2. Start from the point of the triangle at the crown,take a section about 1-2cm thick and back comb about 3 times with a tail comb. Keep doing this until you reach the front. Make sure you lightly hairspray each section.
  3. The more you back comb/tease the bigger the quiff. Back comb only once on the last piece of hair.
  4. Use a bristle/teasing brush to smooth over the finished look.
  5. Cross pin to hold in place then hairspray.
  6. Any extra hair can be slicked back and pinned into ponytail.


*To get that shiny look without buying more product, you can hairspray your hair about 10cm away, then whilst it’s still wet, get your hair dryer and dry for about 10-15sec.










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