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Dress Styles

What Style & Colour Dress Should I Buy?

A well chosen dress will bring attention to the parts of the body that you feel most comfortable about. It will emphasize your strengths as a dancer, and it will hide your weaknesses.

If you have strong technique and want to show your leg action in Latin you need a dress that will draw attention there. On the other hand if your leg lines or foot action is not your strength, you want judges to look somewhere else.



High or Polo Necklines will make your neck look shorter, best for ladies with long necks, avoid if you have a short neck.

V-Necklines are good if you need to elongate the length from your neck to your chest.

Scoop Necklines are flattering to all shapes, will give an elegant neckline and attention to the bust shape whether or not there is cleavage.

Sweetheart Necklines are great for short or full necks.

Off the Shoulders or One Shoulder Necklines are good for small narrow shoulders.

Cowl Necklines will bulk up the bust area, great for people with a small bust.

Asymmetric Necklines suits all shoulder shapes but especially good for large or square shoulders.

Halter Necklines are good for most shoulder shapes but avoid if you have large shoulders.


Ballroom Skirts to go for

Tiered ballroom skirts are great for long legs, avoid if you have short legs, especially if there are more than two layers.

Long seamed skirt with godets will suit all body types, especially good for shorter ladies.


Colours to wear that go well with your hair

Brunette and Black Hair:

  • cool reds
  • hot pink
  • black
  • pure white
  • turquoise
  • any shade of blue
  • fuchsia
  • cool pastel colors
  • bright yellow
  • bright red
  • emerald green
  • royal purple

Classic Blonde Hair:

  • chocolate brown
  • camel
  • gentle earth tones
  • orange
  • peaches
  • navy
  • bright greens
  • red
  • any shade of blue

Red Hair:

  • earth tones
  • camel
  • any shade of green
  • orange
  • pale gold colors
  • browns
  • pink
  • purple


*If your still not sure on a style and colour contact us, so we can work with you to create a custom made dance dress that is perfect for your body type and your dancing skills.

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